David and Melanie's trips page - Explanation and Disclaimer

The trips pages are the most popular section of our website - primarily because several search engines have picked them up, and some of them deal with unusual or hard to find content. As they've grown more popular, we feel it necessary to include this disclaimer with them.

First, these are presented as exactly what we call them - a webpage about a trip or part of a trip. This is not in-depth cultural immersion style travel writing - we don't spend enough time in most places to reach that level of detail. This is also not a travel guide because we make no effort to be comprehensive. We do try to offer tips to other travelers (or tourists if you prefer) that we would have found helpful.

Second, these are written shortly after they are experienced. Then, they do not change barring the exposure of blatantly incorrect information (which we try our best to avoid). This means that a trip from several years ago will describe the conditions at that time. You should already be aware that these may have changed. Also because these are experiences we may present certain places in a particularly positive or negative light. Other people will disagree with this. Negative comments are usually not intended as a condemnation of a place, we may have simply had a particularly bad experience and we will try to present it as such.

A note on our photography: Our images are generally available for non-commercial purposes (and commercial ones for a small fee), please ask before using them by sending email to webmaster@mrfs.net.

Happy Voyaging.