New York City

Picture of downtown We had a few extra days in post-lockdown New York City so we spent a little time in (mostly) Manhattan. This was the view of downtown from our hotel room.
Picture of times_square Times Square. Alaric had never been here before so we had to stop by. He was however, not impressed.
Picture of nat_history He gave higher marks to the Natural History Museum. In that back room underneath the sharks was a free Covid testing clinic. It's a fairly interesting place to sit and await your test results at least.
Picture of guggenheim The Guggenheim museum, while still kind of cool architecturally was really a waste of time. They had a projection exhibit in the central hall and all of the exhibits that are normally displayed along the long circular walkway were removed. This basically reduced the entire museum to a couple of upstairs rooms. They should tell you stuff like this before you buy admission.
Picture of central_park Central Park. Since our last visit here there are quite a few new tall and impossibly thin skyscrapers.
Picture of brooklyn So one of the new things we did on this trip that we had not done before was walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Since we were already in Chinatown we decided to cross the bridge to Brooklyn and then take the subway back. The walkway is above the road surface down the center line of the bridge.
Picture of brooklyn_bridge There are great views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn as well as the Statue of Liberty. You definitely want to stay on the 'walk' side of the white line though. The other side is reserved for bicycles and they tend to move pretty fast.

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