Picture of narwhal_horns We based ourselves in Le Havre while visiting Normandy. Why Le Havre? Well the primary reason is that we also wanted to see some of the women's world cup games and Le Havre was a host site. We drove in and out of town several times en route to the Normandy beaches and other cities in the area. We referred to this roadside art as the narwhal horns. They are not actually called that but they are definitely notable.
Picture of pont_normandie Also in the realm of interesting road approaches to Le Havre is the Pont de Normandie which is the closest bridge to the mouth of the Seine river. Great views, but an expensive bridge to cross at something like 7-8 Euros.
Picture of le_havre This picture across the water nicely lines up all the major sights of Le Havre. The flags just across the water are around the World War I monument, the white structure behind it is known locally as the 'volcano'. It's a performing arts center. The tower behind that is the church of St. Joseph.
Picture of arch_close We'd also include the Container Arch (Catene de Conteneurs) among the sites of Le Havre. On a sunny day it's rather striking and colorful.
Picture of arch The container arch is along the water front close to the cruise port and the ferry port. It's worth noting that Le Havre was largely destroyed in World War II. It was rebuilt mostly of concrete which gives it a much different look than other Norman cities. They've also done a very nice job rehabilitating some of the former warehouses on the piers into a shopping and entertainment district.
Picture of place_de_gaulle Place de Gaulle and the monument shown here are dedicated to World War I victims as Le Havre was unfortunately close to major battles in both world wars.
Picture of st_joseph The church of St. Joseph is a modern tower unlike your average church. Constructed of concrete it takes advantage of that material to have no supporting pillars. The center is completely open to the tower and has impressive views like this one from the inside.
Picture of stade_oceane As mentioned before we really picked Le Havre because Stade Oceane was also a world cup host site. We found it rather easy to get to the stadium from the city center via bus. The stadium is very modern and clean although we were a little disappointed in the generic food selection there. There's really nothing Norman or French on offer, just typical worldwide stadium fare. Other than that though, it's a great venue to watch a game.

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