Picture of montreal We spent a long weekend in Montreal and the surrounding areas. This view is from many miles away atop Mount Sainte Hilaire (see the Monteregie page for more details).
Picture of olympic_stadium And here is Olympic Stadium from the same vantage point. We actually never went to the Olympic Stadium area on this trip. We sort of intended to but we got caught up in Little Italy instead and by the time we finished eating at the market and a nearby restaurant we never made it this far east.
Picture of art_museum We did spend most of a day at the large and impressive collection of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. This is part of a special exhibit called Motion-Emotion by Jean-Michel Othoniel. The museum collection seems to be concentrated on the last hundred years or so but it does have some representative samples from the Middle Ages all the way through today.
Picture of chinese_buns For a different type of art, these edible buns in Chinatown. We stayed close to Chinatown in downtown Montreal so we wandered through that district many times. We actually never tried any of these, partially because the line was always so long. Montreal's Chinatown is small but vibrant. We found a lot more interesting and active restaurants here than we did the previous year in Vancouver's Chinatown.
Picture of notre_dame We've been to Montreal a few times before so Notre Dame wasn't really on our list of things to visit. We did wander past though and were unwilling to wait in the extensive line to enter.
Picture of old_port The old port (Vieux Port) is the center of tourism in Montreal. There are an endless number of souvenir shops peddling the usual Canadian stuff and twice the usual number of maple products. A lot of the museums and restaurants are down in this part of town as well.
Picture of habitat67 Since this trip was more of a 'Montreal with a child' trip we ended up at the Montreal Science Center (great for kids, probably not worth it otherwise). They have some fun exhibits and we could have spent all day in the construction room. This picture is actually taken from the science center, looking across the water to Habitat 67. It's a residential complex using hundreds of identical prefabricated concrete rectangles, stacked like blocks. Although maybe not like most people would stack blocks...
Picture of view_from_roue And finally, if you're here with kids you'll probably end up at the Roue de Montreal (Ferris wheel). It has a great view of the city, Mont Royal itself and the surrounding plains.

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