North Cascades

Picture of nc_visitor_center North Cascades National Park lies for the most part a couple hours northeast of Seattle but gets surprisingly few visitors. We had a late night flight out of Seattle but managed to squeeze in a few hours here on the way back from Vancouver. It wasn't enough time to see a satisfying amount of the park but it was enough time to discover that we'd like to come back and spend several days here. This is the view from the visitor center near Newhalem.
Picture of pinnacle_peak That distinctive peak is Pinnacle Peak, it looks like a sheared off cone. North Cascades is broken into several segments that are not connected by roads and in some cases barely connected by trail. This visit is to the northern-most portion along Washington route 20.
Picture of happy_creek We had a mixed group of people with us for this trip including some fairly young kids and some grandmas so we stuck to the easiest of trails - in this case Happy Creek. Most of the trails here looked to involve considerable altitude change. We'll just have to come back for those.
Picture of diablo_lake Several lakes are the highlights of this part of the park including Ross Lake and Diablo Lake (shown here). There is a spectacular overlook of the lake which has good views of the surrounding park.
Picture of davis_peak Another view along Diablo Lake towards Davis Peak.

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