Picture of hyde_park We spent three days in London on this trip with no particular focus other than possibly the playground at Coram's Fields. These images reflect that as it is basically just highlights of London landmarks. This is Hyde Park, a place we had never managed to visit before. It's rather large and it can eat up most of a day without really trying.
Picture of shard_and_eye Here's a view of the London Eye and the Shard from Hyde Park. The Shard did not exist on our last trip to London so I guess that counts as something else we had never visited (we didn't really visit it this time either). It's definitely a change to the skyline.
Picture of westminster Oyster cards are also new to us and we are quite fond of them now. It's a public transport pass that allows access to the underground and the buses. The daily max limit is fairly small if you stay in the Central London zones so it quickly becomes cost effective to just take a bus anywhere at all. The top of a double decker bus is the cheapest and easiest way to see large swaths of London. This is Westminster Abbey. One should not attempt to visit it on Good Friday.
Picture of englishness This was the most England-y picture we could take. Red double decker buses lined up in front of parliament and Big Ben with a Union Jack flying in front. Possibly we could've arranged for a royal guard to hold a cup of tea in the foreground but that may have required a lot more work.
Picture of buckingham_palace We 'visited' Buckingham Palace at the behest of our son who had read about it somewhere and was curious to see it. So with a large group of other visitors we milled around out front for a while taking pictures before moving on to some other part of London.
Picture of chinatown That would be Chinatown. We have fond memories of past Chinatown visits to London. I must say it's more atmospheric after dark with all these lanterns lit up. There are a ridiculous number of restaurants per capita here and they all seem to be enormous.
Picture of tower_of_london An evening stroll along the Thames brought us to the Tower of London which we did not visit again on this trip other than to stand around approximately this far away and take pictures of it.
Picture of tower_bridge Tower Bridge was the last London landmark we managed to view in between museum visits. Eventually we'll manage one of the tours that goes up inside it but not on this trip apparently.

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