Picture of canal Trogir is a small island in between mainland Croatia and a bigger island. Arriving from land in Croatia some buses stop directly on the island's limited road system. Other buses stay on the mainland. There are several large parking lots just across t...
Picture of trogir Trogir is small, this is pretty much all of it and most of those background buildings on the left are not on the island. There is a nice palm fringed waterfront where small ships can dock directly, an old fortress, a soccer pitch and a somewhat run-down park on the island.
Picture of fortress The fortress sits in one corner of the island and is worth a visit for the views of Trogir. Unless of course you've already visited the bell tower for the views of Trogir. Either way, it's worth climbing something to see the area.
Picture of fortress_inside Inside the fortress is nothing much at all. Some parts are literally crumbling away. Other parts have been commandeered by birds or lizards.
Picture of streets The streets of Trogir are narrow and mostly crammed with restaurants, gift shops and small boutique hotels or rental apartments. We day-tripped here from Split and while there isn't a whole lot to do it's a nice place to spend some time. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and is well located near Split, Sibenik and Primosten.
Picture of plaza Nearly every open space within the confines of Trogir is filled with restaurant tables. Some plazas are nothing but a series of different restaurants.
Picture of ciovo On the far side of Trogir is the much larger island of Ciovo. There is a bridge across from the mainland that just briefly touches Trogir. We didn't spend any time on Ciovo but it's easily accessible from Trogir. Of course, this is Dalmatia so there are dozens of easily accessible islands from here.

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