Picture of riva Split is the capital of Dalmatia, has a lot of attractions and is the transportation hub for ferries to many of the islands. We based ourselves in an apartment in Split for our stay in the region. This is the waterfront 'riva' in central Split. It'...
Picture of port The port of Split is busy nearly 24 hours a day. Ferries run from as far away as Italy. There is a ticket office at the base of the middle pier where you can find all the schedules. We had a difficult time navigating this online and found the ticket office to be quite useful.
Picture of marble_streets Split exists because the Roman emperor Diocletian built his palace here. After his death, parts of the palace were opened up and the city which had grown up just outside the walls moved inside. The 'streets' in the palace area are formerly corridors inside the palace.
Picture of vault There are very few original 'rooms' left from Diocletian's palace. Most of it was repurposed along the way for churches or Venetian era buildings. The vaults under the waterfront side of the walls are original. Some of the area is a market now, the res...
Picture of diocletian Above ground the palace is most obvious in two locations. At the base of the cathedral tower is the former entrance hall of the palace. At night this becomes an acoustic concert venue and lounge.
Picture of palace_gate The other area is the inland wall of the palace which is much more intact. This is the main gate into the original palace and still an important passage from the newer portion of Split into the historic center.
Picture of statue Just outside that gate is this statue of Gregory of Nin. In the way of such statues, Gregory has one very shiny toe because rubbing it is supposed to bring good luck. Gregory is renowned for integrating Christianity and the Croatian language. Incidentally there is a nice (small) playground just outside the city walls in the park near this statue if you happen to be in the market for one.
Picture of seafood Seafood is the big cuisine in Split although it's a little bit easier to find other cuisines here than it is in most of Croatia. This is an assorted platter of grilled sea critters that our son had been looking forward to the entire time we were in Zagreb, Plitvice or other inland areas.
Picture of inland This view from the cathedral tower shows the park area and the crenellated back wall of the palace. The entire palace area is really quite small and can be covered in a few hours.
Picture of marjan Just west of the city of Split is the forested hill known as Marjan. The entire area is park and there are dozens of trails winding through it. There is an overlook about halfway up and another at the top.
Picture of bacvice It was unseasonably cold most of our time in Split (we spent the really nice day in Trogir). We had promised Alaric a trip to the beach though so here we are at Bacvice Beach just outside the center. It's a nice enough beach in a sheltered cove. On a cold windy day you can have the entire place to yourself. In the summer... well we saw pictures of how it looks then, it's a different scene.

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