Picture of fortifications Sibenik is yet another lovely Dalmatian coastal city. It doesn't seem to get quite the love that Trogir and Split do. We felt like on a return trip to Croatia, this would be a great place to base ourselves that was just a little less busy. Sibenik is awash in fortresses. The white wall up on the hill is part of St. Michael. One of the four fortresses around the city.
Picture of saint_james The waterfront in Sibenik is much what one would expect in Dalmatia. Palm trees, wide promenades and lots of outdoor dining. We only spent a half day in Sibenik which is not enough time to see much of the city. We approached along the coast from the equally amazing town of Primosten and that particular drive is unbelievably scenic.
Picture of front_view The main attraction in Sibenik is the Cathedral of St. James, largely because it's a UNESCO world heritage site. We are big fans of world heritage sites but I have to say in all honesty, this one was a bit of a letdown. Sibenik was totally worth the day trip and the cathedral is nice enough but it just didn't seem to be on par with other world heritage cathedrals we've been to. To be fair the entire center dome was under scaffolding inside so maybe that was part of it.
Picture of heads The back of the cathedral is lined with heads. Yes, heads. It is unknown whose heads are represented here assuming it isn't just artistic license. Either way this is one of the more interesting bits of architecture on the cathedral.
Picture of city_hall The old town of Sibenik is built on a hill (aren't they all?) and is a jumble of stairways, alleys and dark twisting passages. It's a good place for what our son called 'going on a wander'.
Picture of street Not too far from the cathedral is a tiny aquarium tucked along a side street. It's small, a bit pricey but it's actually fairly nice inside and highly recommended for entertaining kids who were under impressed with Renaissance architecture. Without kids....
Picture of plaza Something festive seems to have happened here but we don't know what. Or maybe it's just always decorated in front of the city hall. We'll investigate further on our next trip to Croatia.

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