Picture of sarajevo_skyline Sarajevo gives the impression that it was definitely never a planned city. Most of the population is concentrated into the main river valley and a handful of roads lead out of the valley through suburban areas. A couple of major roads parallel the river on each side. We found it was quicker to get around by sticking to roads further up the hills until we were even with the neighborhood we were looking for before coming down to the river.
Picture of national_theater The pale yellow building here is the main post office. If you can think of an architectural style, it exists somewhere in Sarajevo. There are influences from across Europe with some North African and Turkish thrown in for good measure.
Picture of old_town Old Town Sarajevo is probably the tourist focal point. There's not all that much "old" here, given that the city was almost completely destroyed in 1697 and then heavily damaged several times since. Old Town is located behind this row of buildings that line the Drina River. The river is very heavily channeled through the city. There is considerable evidence still of the Balkan War of the 1990s. It was most apparent to us in the neighborhoods around the airport but there are still plenty of reminders of the war in the city center.
Picture of sacred_heart Old Town is partially pedestrianized and has some charming streets like this one which ends at the Sacred Heart Cathedral. There are a lot of restaurants concentrated into the old town and it's a festive area in the evening.
Picture of cathedral The Orthodox Cathedral is located nearby as are several mosques. Sarajevo is definitely representative of the religious mix in the rest of Bosnia.
Picture of taslihan Taslihan is the ruined site of an Ottoman era hotel in the center of Sarajevo. There are a few information signs on the history of it located at the site but not much else. When it was operational, it hosted up to 90 guests at a time and from the minimal description we sort of inferred that it operated like a caravanserai.
Picture of jajce This is Jajce. It has nothing to do with Sarajevo but we have a few extra pictures because we stopped here on our way back to Zagreb from Sarajevo (this is a long a circuitous drive. Don't be fooled by the modern fast road as far as Zenica). Jajce is a fascinating medieval town in north central Bosnia. If you're looking for something of interest to stop at headed north from Sarajevo this is a fine destination. Jajce is built on a hill with a central castle and portions of a wall remaining.
Picture of jajce_falls If you're just passing through it's still worth a stop to see the falls on the edge of Jajce. Apparently there are performances on the platform between the two tiers of the falls at different times throughout the year. We only spent a few hours in Jajce but it seems like it would have been a fine overnight destination if we had more time.

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