Rogue River

Picture of gorge During the time we spent based in Medford we made several trips around (or in) the Rogue River. These first few pictures come from the Rogue River Gorge, located in the Rogue River Forest near Crater Lake.
Picture of waterfall There is a short trail along this narrow gorge section. With enough water this is an impressive (and easy) hike.
Picture of log_closeup This is a close up of the same log from the above picture and a slightly different angle. This was just at the top end of the gorge where the Rogue goes from quiet little forest stream to a series of chaotic and turbulent cascades through the gorge.
Picture of put_in After a few days of driving and hiking alongside the Rogue it was time to get in. We had an assortment of ages in our group including as young as 3 so we opted for a float trip on a class II section of river just north of Medford.
Picture of raft The rapids aren't much to write about but they were fun for the kids and it's a scenic section of river.
Picture of fishing Much of the action on this part of the river is fishing related. That's a healthy sized salmon they've caught in this picture. Both upstream and downstream are more interesting sections of river from a whitewater perspective.
Picture of swim Incidentally, I happen to know firsthand that the Rogue is a very chilly river to swim in, even in July.

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