Crescent City

Picture of castle_rock Yet another "Oregon" page set in another state. We based ourselves in the Medford area for several days and visited Crescent City California as a day trip. Primarily, to see the Redwoods but the coastline of far northern California is worth a visit to...
Picture of point_st_george If you're out near Castle Rock you can continue north along the coast for another mile or two and reach Point St. George. This is a series of windswept headlands with impressive views over the Pacific. There are also some accessible beaches.
Picture of warnings There are a fun series of warning signs at Point St. George as well.
Picture of cliffs The cliffs here are impressive and there are worn paths criss-crossing the headlands to assorted viewpoints. Harbor seals are a common sight here. We're told whales are as well at certain times of the year.
Picture of redwoods Ok, enough of the coast now on to the redwoods. On our last visit we pointed out that there were a confusing mix of National and State authorities presiding over the redwood groves and that there was no particular cooperation between them. We're happy to say that has changed. The maps are more inclusive and while there are separate components still including Redwoods National Park and Jedidiah Smith State Park, you most likely won't know or care which you're in at any given time.
Picture of trail The groves we have visited in the past haven't changed much - that's part of them being redwoods. They're still an awesome place to wander around in though. It's also worth noting the drive here from Medford is extremely scenic - or at least the border and California portions of it are.
Picture of bridge
Picture of trunk Here Alaric and his cousins attempt to make Redwoods look even larger by comparison.
Picture of banana_slug We also found a couple of banana slugs this time. They live on Redwood trees and don't make for much excitement as a spectator.
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