Picture of jihlava_river Trebic is an unassuming town in the southern Czech Republic. We stopped to visit as part of a side trip to Telc, on our way south to Austria. This is the modern side of Trebic along the Jihlava River.
Picture of shtetl Trebic is home to a well preserved shtetl - or Jewish town - that has somehow managed to avoid destruction. There is no longer a Jewish population in Trebic but the neighborhood remains. It's basically everything in this photograph from the river to the low hill in the background.
Picture of street The buildings here are well-preserved and many of them have detailed information signs (in English as well as Czech) covering their histories. It also functions as a working, modern neighborhood of Trebic.
Picture of st_procopius The Jewish town was built here for the same reason that a basilica was - this is where the bridge over the Jihlava River was. St. Procopius' Basilica is just slightly further up the hill from the shtetl area. Most of the building is 13th century, although there are a fewer newer additions.
Picture of cobblestone The entire historic area of Trebic can be seen in under an hour. There is parking just across the bridge in the center of town.

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