Picture of badlands1 Bisti and De-Na-Zin are conjoined wilderness areas in northwest New Mexico. The nearest town is… well… nothing. There's nothing at all out here. There are a couple access points, two of which are off of NM 371 about an hour south of Farmington. There are basically two ways to enjoy this area. If you're good with a topo map and a compass, then just go for it. If you're not, you might want to bring colored string or else not wander too far from the car. For the most part, the area is just full of hoodoos, strange rock formations and open desert.
Picture of badlands2 Like most wilderness areas in the US you can wander anywhere you feel like wandering. There are some sensitive rock formations and plant life that probably don't want to be destroyed but really within reason you can go anywhere.
Picture of badlands3 We intended to spend the entire day here and hike much further into the area than we did. We missed a flight connection in Atlanta and ultimately our time at Bisti suffered for it. There were a handful of people camping in the area. Most near the road but a few had backpacked into the wilderness as well.
Picture of badlands4 That's about all there is to say about Bisti although we could easily include dozens more pictures. It's remote and you can hike for miles without seeing another person or any other signs of people. The Four Corners region isn't exactly high-density but if you wanted to get away, this would be a fine place to do it.
Picture of badlands5

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