Jan Thiel

Picture of jan_thiel_pool Jan Thiel is an area of Curacao a few miles down the coast from Willemstad. Due to the body of water of the same name access to the area is slightly more challenging. The area is basically located at the end of Caracasbaaiweg. We rented a house here for a week from which it was a short walk to Jan Thiel beach. This picture doesn't exactly show the beach, instead it's of a salt water infinity-pool along a rocky section of shore.
Picture of pool Here's the side view where it is more obvious. Jan Thiel beach has about a half dozen restaurants and night clubs and they've divided the actual beach portion into territories which they each serve. The benefit of this is you can get food and beverage service directly at your chair which may or may not cost extra.
Picture of orange It's also pretty easy to wander off and acquire your own food from here. Almost all the shopping in Jan Thiel is accessible directly from this beach complex. If it seems like there's a particularly high percentage of people wearing orange in this picture, that's because Euro 2012 was ongoing and the Dutch were playing later on this afternoon.
Picture of beach There are also several true beach sections at Jan Thiel including this lovely breakwater-protected bay. There's an informal dog beach just north across the small bay. Snorkeling is decent here, there are plenty of fish and some small patches of reef.
Picture of sunset Just to the right of the setting sun in this picture is the capital city of Willemstad in the distance. While we had to go in to Willemstad (or at least most of the way) to find large supermarkets, it was not necessary on a daily basis.

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