Picture of hill_towns Fossalto is a very small town located north of Campobasso in the center of Molise, probably the Italian province with the least intrinsic tourist value. So why are we here? Fossalto and the towns around it are where David's Italian ancestors are from. Apart from immediate family this page is probably of interest only to other people doing genealogy research in the area.
Picture of fossalto_overview Like most of the towns in central Molise, Fossalto is stretched across a ridge. There really is not a whole lot happening here. From a genealogy perspective there's not a whole lot to do here either. There is a town hall but it's easier to access records at the archives in Campobasso.
Picture of fossalto_square The main square in Fossalto. Speaking of the archives in Campobasso - if you're looking for vital or town records it is the place to go. Assuming you can find the archives, it involves a lot of one-time paperwork and then it's just a matter of requesting specific records by town and year.
Picture of fossalto_cemetery The Fossalto cemetery is located on a hill above town. This is generally true of all the towns in the area that we visited. This is also fairly interesting but not all that useful from a genealogy standpoint. In-ground burials are very rare now and existing plots do not generally have useful or legible markers. On the other hand if you're looking for people after 1950 or so, most Italian graves do come with a photograph, so that could be useful.
Picture of pietracupa_skyline Pietracupa is a village just north of Fossalto and occupies an impressive site in and around a rock outcrop. Churches of some type were located in this rock since the 9th century.
Picture of pietracupa_town The town consists of just a few hundred people. Also comparable to other towns in the area, a reasonable percentage of the buildings are empty. Some are for sale, some seem to be seasonal and other may just be abandoned or empty.
Picture of pietracupa_below
Picture of castle_evoli Castle d'Evoli is nearby in the town of Castropignano with a commanding view over the Biferno valley.

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