Picture of cilento Cilento National Park encompasses a vast area on the west coast of Italy south of Salerno. There's an assortment of small towns in the area which is otherwise sparsely populated. The rugged coastline and the Greek ruins at Paestum are the most popular parts of the park. We spent our time in the interior sections however.
Picture of villages A few winding roads cut through the center of the park as well as an extensive network of long distance hiking trails. Trails generally connect between towns. A little west of the autostrada, a line of north-south mountains makes up the most rugged portion of the park.
Picture of trailmap Almost every trailhead has a map. This is a good thing because otherwise you'd never find most trailheads. They rarely seem to have any additional space for parking and blazes are not easy to find. On the negative side, the maps are of assorted quality, the scale seems to vary wildly and sometimes the entire area you are standing in happens to be illegible, as on this map.
Picture of clouds Weather is highly variable. We went through snow covered passes and hot summer-like weather in an hour span or so. Storms (like this one) also arrived very quickly over the mountains. Many of the hiking trails, especially at higher altitudes, do not have much in the way of shelter.
Picture of grotto We finished our time in Cilento here at the Grotte di Castelcivita. A bit difficult to find, there is a parking area, a ticket office and a giant gate in a rock wall. The place looked deserted when we arrived but the ticket office was technically open. 15 minutes after selling us tickets, the ticket office closed and the 1 staff member on site came out to take us on a tour. Tours are in Italian only. Having taken at least one cave tour in Hungarian (at Aggteleki), Italian seemed comparatively easy for us. The tour is an out and back along one long easy path past the usual assortment of strange formations with not particularly creative names. The cave is impressive though and it's definitely worth a visit.

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