Picture of pool So this isn't really much of a trip report because other than arriving in Cancun and taking a shuttle to our hotel we didn't really go anywhere. This is the sort of trip we take (apparently) when Melanie is 6 months pregnant. It involves a lot of water and not a lot of anything else. Speaking of water, this is the lovely pool at the JW Marriott in Cancun.
Picture of lagoon This is our third trip to Cancun and our first trip page, mostly because we don't spend much time in Cancun. We've used it as a transportation hub before. It's not exactly centrally located but there are a lot of flights from the US to Cancun airport. The actual city of Cancun is on the inside of the lagoon shown here. It's a sprawling decentralized mass that has grown very quickly in the past 20 or 30 years. There are some interesting markets over there and some not-so interesting tourist markets. Other than that we haven't spent much time in the actual city.
Picture of coast What most visitors think of as Cancun is a string of beaches on the outside of the lagoon. It's shaped like the number '7', connected to the mainland at both ends. We are midway along the vertical line in the 7 here. The beaches in Cancun are mostly artificial with the sand brought in from elsewhere. We've found the east-facing beaches to be substantially nicer than north-facing beaches.
Picture of beach The sand is so fine, it's actually problematic on high wind days when it whips up and the beach becomes an unpleasant place to get an exfoliating treatment. Most of the time though, it looks more like this.
Picture of wedding This is a wedding reception as viewed from above. Our favorite part of this was that they gave out plastic bags for the women to keep their shoes in while they were down in the sand. From any of the hotels along the Cancun beaches it is fairly easy to catch a bus going either direction. We did this just to go out to dinner a few times. There are no hotels located along the lagoon side of the peninsula so it is populated by a scattering of independent restaurants, convenience stores and auto rental places.
Picture of punta_cancun The junction of the two lines that make up the '7' is Punta Cancun, seen here from the airplane. This is sort of the center of night life for the Cancun beaches. It's the loudest part of the tourist zone and it has the highest concentration of restaurants. Something to consider (one way or the other) when selecting a hotel in Cancun.

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