Picture of river The old city of Strasbourg lies on a few islands near the border of Germany and France. We arrived on a miserable rainy day, parked at a large mall and walked across the bridge into the old town. For approximately these five minutes, it was not raining.
Picture of place Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace and thus has all things Alsatian. Very tall homes and cobblestones and storks and white wine and very thin flatbread pizzas. There are an unusually high number of candy and chocolate stores in the center of town as well.
Picture of cathedral_front Most of the island is pedestrian only with the exception of a couple edge streets and the giant circular plaza of doom where all the trolleys congregate. It's only the plaza of doom because there are trolley tracks everywhere and trying to get across it without getting run over can be difficult. We ate lunch overlooking this plaza and watched other people try not to get run over.
Picture of door The cathedral is the dominant building in Strasbourg and probably all of Alsace for that matter. It's huge and ornate and it's really the only thing to do in Strasbourg besides shopping when it's miserably cold and raining.
Picture of stained_glass The stained glass inside is quite impressive. We have extensive pictures of pretty much every window in the place as we were killing time in the hopes it would stop raining at some point.
Picture of clock There is also an astronomical clock. It has some mechanical figures which do the typical mechanical figure things on certain hours. Amazingly, they actually charge a separate admission fee to see this.
Picture of alley The single spire (by design) of the cathedral was the tallest building in the world for the entire 18th century. You can go up in it for a fee but we didn't bother as it was still raining. There are also some boat tours that circle the island and probably provide nice scenic views. We didn't do this either. Instead we mostly lamented the fact that it was raining and eventually gave up and went to Baden Baden.
Picture of strasbourg_houses We have no pictures of Baden Baden (this is still Strasbourg). Why? Because we parked underground, took an underground tunnel into the Caracalla Therme and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the baths there. The baths are extensive and are clothing mandatory downstairs, no clothing (mandatory) upstairs. If you don't want to be parted from your clothing, there are plenty of pools and saunas downstairs to keep one amused for several hours. If it continues to rain the entire time, at least it doesn't matter there.

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