Picture of vineyards Tokaj is a small town in northern Hungary, a sweet dessert wine and the region that the town is in the middle of. Tokai grapes are allowed to rot on the vines (in a manner of speaking) which ultimately concentrates the sugars in the grape and leads to an extremely high sugar-content wine. Sweeter versions of the wine are named based on the amount of sugar added into the wine in the bizarre Hungarian unit of puttonyos.
Picture of street To be honest, Tokaj looks like a really fun place to hang out. We based ourselves here for several days while we explored the nearby national parks. There are only a couple hotels in Tokaj but there must be a dozen wine tasting rooms. Unfortunately in October, not much is open.
Picture of wine_museum We managed to visit one or two wine tasting rooms each evening and sample a variety of Tokaj as well as other regional wines. The restaurants are likewise seasonal and we were limited to a couple choices each evening.
Picture of night_scene In Tokai itself there is a wine museum, wine shops, wine tasting rooms and some wine merchandise and not a whole lot else to do, even if everything were open. Nearby towns also feature a lot of wine tastings as well but given Hungary's alcohol laws (you cannot drive with any measureable amount) it's hard to visit them if you're not staying within walking distance.
Picture of castle In just roaming about the region on assorted back roads we did learn several things. First, there's some really great scenery in the area like this castle north of Tokaj. Secondly, roads in northern Hungary can be quite confusing and you should always have at least three backup routes in mind to account for the unplanned construction, livestock issues and mysterious signage.

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