Picture of enchant1 In Sedona we spent three days at the Enchantment Resort. Sort of a gated community in a box canyon it consists of dozens of free-standing adobe 'casitas' with three or four rooms each. Like most of the rest of Sedona it claims to be located on an energy vortex. Sedona seems to be filled with a considerable number of crystal-toting new agers in search of these vortices. It's also filled with a considerable number of people who want to take pictures of red-hued rocks. Well, it was a business trip so we can't complain the rooms were quite nice and the view looked about like this.
Picture of enchantment There was also quite a lot of wildlife in the vicinty. We saw mule deer, a pack of javalinas and several tarantulas roaming the complex, as well as at least one scorpion roaming the wall above our bed. Melanie climbed the canyon walls one day and took this picture. The green space in the foreground is part of the golf course. The green space behind that is the 'internationally rated croquet lawn'. We toyed with it a bit but we didn't really know the rules and the energy vortices nearby seemed to inexplicably draw our shots off target. Despite all that we'd recommend it as a nice place to stay as long as you can get someone else to pay for it.

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