Picture of capitol The capitol building of the United States, under some construction as usual.
Picture of jeff_mon The Jefferson Memorial designed as a rotunda because Jefferson is largely responsible for the re-introduction of Greek Revival architecture in the US. He was also one of the first people to cultivate grapes for wine in North America but there is no wine bar here.
Picture of jefferson Jefferson himself inside. Well, except not shown to scale. David and Melanie are shown actual size.
Picture of lincoln The Lincoln Memorial. On a clear day, from the top of these steps you can see... well, more tourists and tour buses.
Picture of wash_mon The Washington Monument wearing protective designer scaffolding. If you look closely however, you'll notice that it is dangerously see-through and risque, and will likely be pronounced offensive by the mayor of New York City soon.
Picture of whitehouse The White House, complete with decorative fountains and trendy lawn-mowing design.

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