Picture of license We spent the night in Hinton, Alberta. The highlight of Hinton for us was seeing this particular license plate in the motel parking lot. Hinton is pretty far north, but still a long way from the Northwest Territories. The next day we drove into Edmonton where we visited the science center. After that we drove downtown and went to the conservatory which was very nice. In fact, in the tropical pavillion, we learned the names of several of the plants we had in the yard back in Florida.
Picture of capital Edmonton is the provincial capital of Alberta. This is the capital building at a slight angle for some reason. That evening we visited what may be the prime attraction in Edmonton - the West Edmonton Mall. We spent time on the roller coaster and other amusement park rides, we played black light mini-golf, and had dinner above the bowling alley. We didn't have the time or energy for the water park, submarine ride or dolphin show, not to mention the actual shopping.
Picture of edmonton This picture is of downtown Edmonton. The brochures for our motel claimed that it is a two-hour drive from Edmonton to Calgary (from where our plane was leaving). Do not trust motel brochures. It was really closer to three hours, and that combined with an odd side trip to dispose of our unused campfire logs left us with very little time to get through customs. Of course, it's also pretty hard to get through customs when your passports are back in Florida but it all worked out in the end.

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