Ohio - August 2000

Picture of mforce The Millenium Force at Cedar Point near Sandusky Ohio was the tallest roller coaster on the planet for about three months when it opened in Spring of 2000. At the time we rode it, it was the second tallest (314 ft / 96m), the second fastest (93mph / 149kph) and certainly one of the most awesome-looking coasters on the planet. This picture shows only the first hill and the first turn (which is overhanging to account for the speed of the train).

Picture of cincy_pig Melanie calls this picture "Two Aaronsons and a pig". Cincinnati, along with the neighboring cities of Covington and Newport had erected several dozen pig sculptures around the cities. All of them had been artistically painted or decorated in some way. This one was on the terrace behind the aquarium overlooking the Ohio River.

Picture of kc KC the cat, tired of all the accolades given to Trout on this website has demanded some PR time of her own. Here she shows off her natural camouflaging ability by blending in with the carpet.

Picture of kc2 It should also be mentioned that the awesome jellyfish picture which is the background of this page came from the brand shiny new Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky, which is directly across the river from downtown Cincinnati. It's a very impressive aquarium, although the one-way flow of traffic through it could be sort of annoying, and I'm sure it'll be even nicer when they finish building the parking garage.

Picture of kc_sleep KC sleeps on a recliner. It's not a very exciting picture but I'm sure she's happy to have her own web page even if she has to share it with a roller coaster and some jellyfish.

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