welcome to mrfs.net

Welcome to mrfs.net! The best place on the internet to see all the things which can only be found here!

So most likely you came here on purpose, in which case you're looking for one of those links on the left. Or perhaps you've wandered in at random and are now wondering what this is and where you are. Well, this is mrfs.net and it's the current evolution of what started out in the mid 1990s as a couple of home pages. At some point we started putting our travelogues here so family and friends could see them. Then we acquired a blog which started out as a hiking blog but occasionally digresses. Later came a child and some more pages for family and friends.

You may think at this point that we could probably replace the whole thing with a couple social networking sites and the photo-uploading website of choice. You're probably right, but we're old-school internet people and stubborn besides so we're leaving it like this.

As a side note, the trip pages and blog are factual or at least we attempt to make them so. If you wander elsewhere on the site you are probably entering a world of satire or just plain silliness. Caveat lector.

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